Culinary Experiences In Norfolk

For those who are new to Norfolk in the UK and are planning a trip there, one of the several things you will enjoy is trying the fresh seafood and local eats you get here. Indeed, if you love seafood and spend hundreds of defrosted sea food served in city restaurants, here you will get the chance to explore fresh lobsters, crabs, mussels, sea bass, samphire, and oysters. Also, making a choice of accommodation here with food facilities that are unique will also promise you a great culinary experience while you are in town. Here are some great eats and places to check out in Norfolk.

If you are looking for a pub ambiance that helps you capture the essence of eating and drinking at a countryside inn, try The Neptune on Old Hunstanton road. This is a quaint establishment that has upscale casual dining options. The chef and his wife offer imaginative meals in this house that is a blend of professionalism and warmth.

Titchwell ManorTitchwell Manor located in Titchwell is a boutique hotel that has the perfect manor house setting for your vacation. If you decide to make this place a retreat for your holiday, this boutique hotel offers you great cuisine at their in house Three AA rosette Conservatory Restaurant. You will get views of the North Sea from here, along with the marshes and golden beaches.

The White Horse Inn is another quaint place to come to if you wish to try local produce and fresh seafood menus. The fish is freshly delivered to the kitchen and guests can have freshly cooked meals here that are cooked simply but offer you great taste and a wholesome experience. This restaurant also has a panoramic view of the coastline to offer which can offer you glimpses of the blue sky, sandy beaches, and sunset views, depending on the time you decide to stop by here.

There is a similarly named White Horse hotel that is located in Blakeney. This is owned by the mother of my good friend who owns a carpet cleaning Airdrie and she opened it here when the trend of Gastropubs sets in. It is still one of the popular places to stop by, especially for menu items that comprise of lobsters, crabs, and mussels. There is the bar where you can eat as well as the conservatory room. You can try fresh farm produce that is used in their menus such as local game and meat, free range eggs as well as cheese produced in the county.

Morston Hall has a celebrated chef which makes it a fine dining restaurant in the region. Galton Blackiston prides himself in using local produce in his menu which he changes regularly. It is definitely a delight to stop by and try what the chef has to offer at this impressive address.